student attachment

At KCA, we offerstudent attachment opportunities for university and college students.

Internship Eligibility

To be eligible, one has to be a continuing student, preferably in thier final year, at the institution they’re enrolled in. We acknowledge that some institutions may require their students to go for attachment immediately after completion of their courses, to expose them to the working environment. In such cases, we do offer internship.

It should be noted that receipt of attachment application does not guarantee placement in the organization. It all depends on the availability of vacancy. This is mainly due to the large number of applications we receive each week.

KCA does not pay interns during their internship.

Period KCA offers 1 to 2 months attachment period at one given time. This way we get to offer more needy students industrial training.

Attachment Applications

Learning Institutions should write application letters for attachment positions for their continuing students or the students may write and apply directly to the Manager Training.

All applications should be made out to:

School Manager
Kilifi College of Accountancy
P.O.Box 3025 – 80108 Kilifi

Internship Extensions
This is greatly discouraged and interns are required to clear with their supervisors in the last week of their attachment period. The supervisors are required to write to Training Division the duties and the responsibilities that the interns had so as to make the recommendation for them before they leave.